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  1. Terms of Use

    The registration and use of the website »Konsolengrill« is absolutely for free. However, you have to agree upon the rules and explanations mentioned here.

    The administrators and moderators of the website »Konsolengrill« ; try to keep not wished for posts away from this website, however, is impossible to check all contents manually. All posts exclusively exhibit the authors own views. The owner of the website »Konsolengrill« or WoltLab GmbH (developer of the used software) aren't liable for the contents of single posts.

    By completing the registration, you agree upon terms such as not to misuse this website due to obscenity, vulgar things, abuses, propaganda, (extrem) political views or (verbal) offences against the law.

    Posts and useraccounts can be edited or deleted without notice by this website's moderators and administrators, among other reasons due to reasons of offending morality.

    Have fun with using the website »Konsolengrill«!

  2. Board rules

    We reserve the right to edit, delete and/or warn the author of the posts/threads in case of not sticking to these rules. A forum blocking is imposed in case of a repeated violation of these rules.

    We ask you all to adhere to these rules as all as for your sympathy.

    1. There are friendly manners within the forum.

      That means, all abuses etc. are undesirable and depending on the seriousness, they can either lead to a warning or a blocking!
    2. Cultures & Religions

      It is essential to take consideration for other users cultural and religious matters.
      Offenses and/or abuses of other cultures / religions lead to a warning or blocking, depending on the seriousness.
    3. User posts

      All written posts by users are not deleted after the termination of the useraccount, in order to maintain the topic's contexts intact and not taken out of context.
    4. No add- / ref-links

      We do not tolerate advertising links, ref-links to stolen games, sites offering PS3 for free or other spam. All accounts with ref-links will be [B]completely blocked[/B] without notice!
    5. Always mind the search-function before preapring new threads.

      If a topic was really talked through several times, the respective threads are immediately deleted / joined!
      If continously threads should be prepared without using the search-function beforehand, the user will receive a warning for that.
    6. It is forbidden to sell or offer for exchange USK 18-titles within the marketplace.

      Even requests for these titles are forbidden, as a request does not exclude an offer. Furthermore no hidden offers within the signature or offers like "Demand by PM" are tolerated.
      Offers of this kind are deleted immediately or edited and the seller receives a warning. In case of a continous attempt to trade USK 18-titles, a forum blocking is imposed.
      However, it is allowed to talk and exchange opinions about USK 18-titles within the forum.
    7. Contents gloryfying violence / pornography

      It is not desired to post links to videos or screenshots, which contain especially brutal scenes or scenes gloryfying violence.Moreover, it is also not desired to prepare especially texts that glorify violence.
    8. No tutorials for hacks

      It is forbidden in this forum to publish tutorials for hacks. The hacks are forbidden due to license agreements (to be found in every guide).
  3. Signature rules

    We reserve the right to delete an users signature in certain cases without comment.
    However, this only takes place if the user does not respond to a hint via
    PM or if there are serious reasons to do so.
    Moreover, in case of an extreme ignoring of the signature rules, an
    official warning as well as a blocking for the forum can be the consequences.

    In certain cases a supplement to this guidelines can come into being.

    I ask you to stick to this signature rules and adjust the present signature appropriately. In case of questions or ambiguities, the mod-team is helpfully at your disposal.
    1. Signature Size

      Pictures with a maximal size of 600 pixel lenght and 120 pixel height.
      Picture size restriction to around 300 kb.
    2. Ad- / Ref-links

      It is not allowed to prepare links or picture links to other websites within the signature, only if this was agreed upon with the mod-team or the administrator.
    3. Animations

      It is not allowed to use GIF-Animations or Videos within Signatures.
    4. Spoiler

      It is not allowed to use the spoiler-function more than two times within the signature.

      It is not allowed to use quotes consisting of more than 3 lines.
    6. Link content

      It is not allowed to prepare texts or links to sites with contents displaying pornography, radical righ-wing politics or gloryfying violence.
    7. Sales / Offers

      It is not allowed to offer games or other goods within the signature for exchange or sale. (Please use the marketplace-forums for these)

  4. Markteplace rules

    Alle Angebote werden nach dem Erstellen von den Moderatoren zur Freischaltung überprüft.
    Bitte habt ein wenig Geduld, bis wir die Zeit gefunden haben die Angebote durchzulesen und entsprechend zu bearbeiten (wenn nötig). Sobald ein Moderator online ist, wird er sich darum kümmern.
    1. Not allowed offers

      • Offers with USK/FSK18- titles (games, DVD, BluRay)
      • Offers exhibiting paraphrased USK18-titles (e.g. Snake 4, Ca** of Du** etc. )
      • Offers where an USK / FSK 18 title is edited into after the issue (this immediately leads to a warning or blocking)
      • Offers without the German USK label

        Offers without the German USK label are marked as USK 18 by German Law and may not be offered.

      • Offers with with the information PM-game or the information: "Further games on demand"
      • Offers consisting of ref-links for snowball systemes or further dubious offers
      • Offers including a linkung to other sites (e.g. Ebay etc.)
      • Offers comprising games, which are offered via the signature
      • A wrong rating on purpose for transactions
      • Offers where a cracked or modded Console is offered
      • Pushing (to rate transactions that have not taken place yet...)
      • Account sale We have deciced that account sale is not longer allowed in this forum. This is valid for sale of all kinds.
        • PSN Acccounts
        • WoW and other game accounts (which is forbidden by the developer anyway)

        This is due to several reasons, as we can not estimate in how far this is legally serious on the part of Sony. On the other hand, the fraud potential for selling PSN-accounts is very high because with the seller's e-mail-address the password could be quickly changed anytime, as far as this e-mail-address was not sold, too. In order to stem the fraud potential, hereby no offers with account offers or demands are allowed in this forum and thus, they are also not issued.

        I ask for your sympathy.

      • Trading with promotional versions (before the official release.)

        Promotional versions to games, that have not been officially released yet, are not allowed to be either offered nor asked for, as a transfer for this versions is not allowed. However, we have decided to rate them after the release as collector's items. Then these versions are also allowed to be traded regularly.

      • Selling / Exchanging BETA-codes

        Offers comprising BETA-codes for selling or exchanging will not be issued. This is due to the reason that these codes are distributed in a limited number, but they are for free anyway. The attempt to try to make money out of that is not tolerated here anymore.

        You are free to raffle these codes in the forum, but please use the appropriate thread in the "Games" or "News" area of the games titles for that.

  5. Sanctions

    In singular cases we reserve the right to decide further ways to progress, if these marketplace rules are violated.
    We have affixed the guidelines to firstly inform the users why their offers could not be issued. However, if the offers should be repeated nevertheless and the reason of the seller can not be conceived, we have to pronounce an official warning. The next step would be a final unlimited blocking of the forum-account.
  6. Guidelines for preparing a post

    I have decided to write some more guidelines, in order to allow the reading of posts to be more comfortable.
    1. Short quotes

      Please mind, if you quote texts longer than 10 lines, then shorten the quote to the respective paragraphs.
      If you have deleted something from the text, you can write e.g. [...].
      Thus, you do not have to scroll long posts by the pageful, in order to find a comment such as "That's also my view"
    2. Please use informative Titles

      If you prepare a topic, you should tell in the title in a short way what it is about.
      Instead of writing "Heeeeelp", "Help for trophy - I am a trophy- in - name of the game-" would be better.
      Thus, users can see immediateley, whether they can help and you normally receive a quicker reply.
    3. Please don't quote a reportet Post

      If you report a Thread or Post to us, which consists of e.g. spam or lacks sense, do us the favor and do not prepare another quote of this thread, as we would have to edit later on your post, if it contains something meaningful, in order to delete the reported Thread there.
    4. You instead of You

      Please be aware that this Rule is primary ment for German Users only, because we are differing a lot more between you-informal and you-formal
  7. Signature Guidelines

    1. Register

      Please mind, if you prepare a hard- & software register within your signature, then prepare the list from the left to the right hand side instead of one below the other, in order to not exceed the maximal length of the line, consisting of 10 lines.
    2. Colors

      Colored features are allowed as long as they are not used for exchange or sale.
    3. Type size

      Do exclusively use the regular or a smaller type size (8-12 pt)
  8. Marketplace Guidelines

    1. No spam-posts

      Please do not spam other users offers with comments such as:
      "I have seen that here and there cheaper"
      If there are ambiguities concerning the price negotiation, please resolve these via PM.

    2. Just post if you are interested

      Please do only reply to offers if you are interested in the good and leave other users alone to do their trades.
    3. Supporting the community

      If you detect a flimsy offer, if an user offers hidden USK18 titles or generally misbehaves, then I ask you to please report this via PM to one of the moderators or use the report-button.
      We appreciate every support!
  9. Data Protection

    1. Matomo

      This website uses Matomo, a web analytics open-source software. Matomo uses “cookies”, which are text files placed on your computer, to help the website analyze how users use the site. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP-address anonymized prior to its storage) will be stored on the server of the service provider in Germany.

      You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website.

    2. Facebook-Plugins

      Our website uses social plugins (“plugins”) provided by the social network facebook.com, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). The plugins are identifiable by a Facebook logo (white letter f on blue background or a thumb up icon) or the notice “Facebook Social Plugin”. For a full list of all social Plugins please see http://developers.facebook.com/plugins. When you visit a page of our website that contains a social plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection to Facebook servers. Facebook directly transfers the plugin content to your browser, which embeds the latter into the website, enabling Facebook to receive information about your having accessed the respective page of our website. Thus, we have no influence on the data gathered by the plugin and inform you according to our state of knowledge. The embedded plugins provide Facebook with the information that you have accessed the corresponding page of our website. If you are logged into Facebook, your visit can be assigned to your Facebook account. If you interact with the plugins, for example by clicking “Like”, or entering a comment, the corresponding information is transmitted from your browser directly to Facebook and stored by it. Even if you are not logged into Facebook, there is possibility that the plugins transmits your IP-address to Facebook. For the information on the purpose and scope of data collection and procession by Facebook, as well as your rights in this respect and settings options for protecting your privacy please visit Facebook’s privacy policy: http://www.facebook.com/policy.php.

      If you are a Facebook member and do not want Facebook to connect the data concerning your visit to our website with your member data already stored by Facebook, please log off Facebook before entering our website. Further you can block Facebook social Plugins by using add-ons for your browser, like the “Facebook Blocker“.

      Source: Facebook-Disclaimer von eRecht24.de

  10. Further terms

    1. Be fair!

      Please do never forget that a human being is sitting at the other end. A non-verbal communication is rather difficult and ambiguities seem to be almost bound to occur. Make you point of view clear and express yourself comprehensibly. By applying a conclusive line of argumentation, many ambiguities can be prevented right from the start. Mind the legal regulations. Be careful when quoting copyrighted works. To publish an e-mail is - besides possible legal consequences - not polite and should not be done without the author's explicit agreement. Posts bearing an undertone drifting to the negative side, consisting of abusive or illegal contents, are deleted or blocked if detected. This is especially valid for requests concerning illegal actions, e.g. transfering stolen copies, violating copyrights, breaking into data banks etc.
    2. Do not impose your opinion

      It does not make sense to argue about opinions. Discussing yes, arguing no. Everyone has his/her view on things. Posts like "You are nuts, it is like this and that" or "My truth is the real, absolutely truth" etc. are not wished for and do only lead to arguments. However, if you write "Well, I see it like this" or " I consider this like so and so", this is totally okay
    3. Singular cases not covered by these rules

      In singular cases, which are not covered by the present rules here, the person running this forum decides on the basis of the present facts.
  11. Rule changes and additions

    We reserve the unanounced right for changes and additions to these rules!
    1. Last changes

      With the change dating from 2011-01-12 the following changes were included into the terms of use:
    2. Prior changes

      Prior changes to the terms of use can be read in this Thread

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